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   Digital/Analog converter for audio CD players
           >> you can easily improve sound <<

     author: Sheldon D. Stokes  stokes@exis.net
  -Schema 1,2,3 - 170kb,300kb,650kb in PDF format, are
    all you need to build DAC, schematic, part list, board...
 - TXT - zip  are comments of users

Comments From Builder Of My Tubed DAC:
Results: Outstanding!!!! The improvement over my Pioneer Elite's built in DAC was obvious and immediate. The soundstage was wider, the midrange was less anemic, the bass was tighter, there was better separation between instruments and it was more revealing to subtleties and artifacts. (All this when running crappy test RCA jacks, a 20' radio-hack interconnect, and no break in on the components.) I've had it running since yesterday continuously with my Muddy Waters Ultradisk to break it in. All of our work and money finally paid off. 
Since I occasionally check your page, I notice that you have professional PCB's done now. Boy, I wish we had had those when doing our project. The PCB stuff was one of the hardest things (after component collection) about the project! If any body wants a testimonial as to why $125 is a reasonable price, tell them to e-mail ME. :-)  "Paul J. Nederveen" pjneder@cisco.com