.Transient II

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OA-Transient II
 Design by: Ronald Koot
Technical details:

  Principle : Terminated line
  Impedance : 6 Ohm
  Sensivity : 88 dB (2,83 V/ 1 m)

Speaker drivers:
Bass-midrange driver:
  Scan-Speak 18W/8542-05
  170 mm paper cone

 Tweeter driver:
 Vifa D27TG-35-06
 25 mm dome
 (called HT-275D2 in NL)

3D modeling page has few pictures of rendered model






The damping material is long fiber wool or BAF-wadding (about 400 grams a cubic meter). The drawing, said wool but the BAF is easier to use because it stays in place and do not settle like the wool. The other material called 'Pritex' is a brand name. It's a kind of synthetic foam with an egg shape, it weights about 30 kg a cubic meter and has a height of about 40mm