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Hi-Fi Projects

At Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, my major was architectural design. Here you can see some of my projects from 1985-1998 I started with graphic design in 1996. as team member of Strategia marketing agency. See my work from 1996-2008
Most of the WEB design I made for SSI and Delta2 company in Toronto, Canada, but I also have clients in Belgrade. See my work from 1996-2008

3D modeling, and multimedia specialist for the Architectural and Urban Design, Civil and mechanical engineering, Gallery of works from 1995. to 2008.

Web hosting packages and templates from $4.75 suitable for starter bussines websites to Advanced profesional webmasters. Reliable Intel Core2 Duo servers and 24/7 tech support. This section consist of art drawings, sketches, aquarelles and combined techniques, made in year 1981. - 1985.







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